Eyeforpharma believes that the debate, discussion and sharing of ideas is fundamentally important to the development of the pharmaceutical industry. Companies face many similar challenges which can only be truly solved through co-operation across the industry. Our mission is therefore to encourage and promote knowledge throughout the pharma world in order to make the creation and distribution of drugs a more productive, more ethical and more effective pursuit. Collaborative approaches are gaining in strength all the time.

Events & Conferences
Eyeforpharma organizes more than 25 events a year, globally. These range from more intimate gatherings to major events with hundreds of attendees. Every conference is designed by industry executives rather than by Eyeforpharma, ensuring relevance, wisdom and impartiality. We specialize in Sales (SFE), Marketing & eMarketing, Forecasting, Patient Compliance, Supply Chain and therapeutic areas such as Oncology and CNS.

Online (Virtual) Conferences
Eyeforpharma has a successful series of online (virtual) conferences on specific topics. In addition, we can organize these for your company; whether you are a pharma. We can assist in gaining independent industry speakers to join the line-up as well as all technical and marketing duties.

Eyeforpharma has regularly written mini-reports containing insights from pharma managers, which we have distributed freely. We are now launching two comprehensive, in-depth reports in exciting areas which so far have suffered from a lack of concrete and quantitative analysis: eMarketing (to both physicians and consumers) and Forecasting in pharma.

Prediction Markets
Prediction Markets are a new powerful and flexible forecasting solution. They increase certainty, reduce risk and give pharmaceutical decision makers a mandate for tough decisions. In the last few years, companies including Google, HP, Pfizer, GSK and Novartis have seized on this idea to improve their planning and expectations. They've begun creating virtual markets which extract all knowledge across their companies. Eyeforpharma is honoured to have an expert team which can help pharma companies take advantage and implement prediction markets.

News and Features
One of Eyeforpharma's biggest strengths is to be able to gather opinion directly from industry executives themselves rather than the consultants and suppliers you see forming the majority of opinions in most pharmaceutical magazines. We leverage this to provide unique features and thought-leadership, across the world. Most of this is available on this website just use the search box to find something specific.

Open meetings for executives
We are launching a series of regular executive meetings which are opportunities for networking and idea-exchange amongst senior pharma directors and their stakeholders. These take place throughout the year. At present these exist in the areas of Global Patient Compliance & Adherence and Japanese Sales Force Effectiveness.
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